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The ruggedized smartphone have many names in the Nordics, but what does it mean?


According to Wikipedia it is a Robust device, that is specific designed to work reliably in harsh environments and conditions as strong vibrations, dust and waterproof and extreme temperatures.

When it comes to Ruggedized Smartphones and Ruggedized feature phones, they need to be IP68 certified and for some environment MIL-STD-810 proven too.


To Achieve the military certificate, MIL-STD-810G, the phones will be tested to the utmost. Falls, humidity, Electromagnetic interference, flame and high temperature tolerance, vibrations, shocks, fluids, particles, pressure, dust and waterproof.

All RugGear Feature and smartphones have IP68 certificate and beyond MIL-STD-810G proven.


They come in different variants for each and every needs. RugGear feature phone, rugged android smartphone, Push-to-Talk (PTT) in a feature and smartphone model. See the range here

If you are working in the transport, airport, carpenter, industrial workers, emergency services etc., RugGear is the appropriate smartphone for any harsh environment, at work or just outdoor activities.


“East meets West”.

RugGear® is a leading international developer and manufacturer of rugged mobile phones, smartphones and tablets designed for professional use in extreme safety and working conditions, especially in the Mission Critical area. The mobile devices are developed and designed by specialists in Germany (Lauda-Koenigshofen), where RugGear GmbH is also based.


Ruggedized Tablet, Feature or Smartphones ? RugGear is the right choice!



RugGear RG360

Reliable, quick response and ideal for push-to-talk
RG360 has been designed with a large PTT button on the left for easy and instant communication. The device is equipped with a proprietary operating system based on Android Go that doesn’t include Play Store. Customized applications can be installed by RugGear and make it ready for PTT applications. Furthermore, it allows to perform key tasks in a quicker and smarter way.


RG360 – specifications and photos

RugGear RG360 – PDF



RugGear RG540

5G smartphone for MCPTX
The RG540 is RugGear latest rugged smartphone for Mission Critical Communication (MCPTT and MCPTV). Its 6″ display and 5G connectivity makes it perfect for remote maintenance in industrial environment.


RG540 – specifications and photos

RugGear RG540 – PDF




RugGear RG655

Work or pleasure with style
RugGear RG655 is proved to be a robust and reliable mobile solution.
Work or pleasure, this device is fully functional in harsh environments. Shocks, vibrations, drops, humidities and temperatures. With its super-bright display, it is fit for outdoor use.
RG655 surpasses the military standard, MIL-STD-810G, and still remains fully functional in harsh environments


RG655 – specifications and photos

RugGear RG655 – PDF




RugGear RG725

Rugged beyond military standards.
The combination of Construction noise, dust and dirt, is the key in a harsh working environment
Flexible and quick to use as a walkie-talkie but with all the advantages as a smartphone.


RG725 – specifications and photos

RugGear RG75 – PDF





RugGear RG750

High performance smartphone for Mission Critical Push-to-talk (MCPTT)
The RG750 is RugGear’s latest device designed for emergency communication. Powered by a Qualcomm processor and equipped with a dedicated large PTT button, makes it the perfect solution for mission critical communication.


RG750 – specifications and photos

RugGear RG75 – PDF






RugGear RG760

Rugged special communication device
For the Industrial workers RG760 is the right PTT (Push-To-Talk) solution. With 2-in-1 knob for tuning, high-speed wireless communication and the PTT/SOS button, the RG760 is ready for emergencies.


RG760 – specifications and photos

RugGear RG760 – PDF






RugGear RG930i

Designed with tough environments in mind, RG930i has a powerful screen, stronger dedicated functions and a wide range of applications suitable for a variety of different work environments.


RG930i – specifications and photos

RugGear RG930i – Datasheet PDF





RugGear RG935

The RG935 is the first 10.1″ tablet from RugGear designed for long working hours, due to its two batteries with total 8,000 mAh capacity that support HotSwap. Its wide display is designed to easily access data on the go and its light weight, rugged credentials make it the perfect communication tool for professional and industrial environments.


RG935 – specifications and photos

RugGear RG935 – Datasheet PDF