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The ruggedized smartphone have many names in the Nordics, but what does it mean?


According to Wikipedia it is a Robust device, that is specific designed to work reliably in harsh environments and conditions as strong vibrations, dust and waterproof and extreme temperatures.

When it comes to Ruggedized Smartphones and Ruggedized feature phones, they need to be IP68 certified and for some environment MIL-STD-810 proven too.


To Achieve the military certificate, MIL-STD-810G, the phones will be tested to the utmost. Falls, humidity, Electromagnetic interference, flame and high temperature tolerance, vibrations, shocks, fluids, particles, pressure, dust and waterproof.

All RugGear Feature and smartphones have IP68 certificate and beyond MIL-STD-810G proven.


They come in different variants for each and every needs. RugGear feature phone, rugged android smartphone, Push-to-Talk (PTT) in a feature and smartphone model. See the range here

If you are working in the transport, airport, carpenter, industrial workers, emergency services etc., RugGear is the appropriate smartphone for any harsh environment, at work or just outdoor activities.


Ruggedized Tablet, Feature or Smartphones ? RugGear is the right choice!

RugGear RG655 (smartphone)

Work or pleasure with style
RugGear RG655 is proved to be a robust and reliable mobile solution.
Work or pleasure, this device is fully functional in harsh environments. Shocks, vibrations, drops, humidities and temperatures. With its super-bright display, it is fit for outdoor use.
RG655 surpasses the military standard, MIL-STD-810G, and still remains fully functional in harsh environments

RG655 – specifications and photos


RugGear RG655 – PDF

RugGear RG655 ruggedized smartphone
RugGear RG655

RugGear RG150 (Feature phone)

Talk anywhere at any time, 24/7
Built to be your rugged and reliable companion at work and daily active out-doors.
RG150 passes beyond MIL-STD-810G tests which guarantees its full functionality in extremes including drop, shock, humidity, vibration and crucial temperature

RG150 – specifications and photos


RugGear RG150 – PDF

RugGear RG150 Feature Phone
RugGear RG150

RugGear RG725 (Push-To-Talk Smartphone)

Rugged beyond military standards.
The combination of Construction noise, dust and dirt, is the key in a harsh working environment
Flexible and quick to use as a walkie-talkie but with all the advantages as a smartphone.

RG725 – specifications and photos


RugGear RG75 – PDF

RugGear RG725 Push-To-Talk Smartphone
RugGear RG725


RugGear RG910 (Tablet)

Reliable Tablet to the most extreme workplaces.
Large Battery allow the workers to perform and concentrate on the right things and manage the daily challenges. It comes with an adjustable nylon strap for one-handed use.
RG910 resist all kinds of situations.

RG910 – specifications and photos


RugGear RG910 – PDF

RugGear RG910 Ruggedized Tablet
RugGear RG910

RugGear RG760 (Push-To-Talk)

Rugged special communication device
For the Industrial workers RG760 is the right PTT (Push-To-Talk) solution. With 2-in-1 knob for tuning, high-speed wireless communication and the PTT/SOS button, the RG760 is ready for emergencies.

RG760 – specifications and photos


RugGear RG760 – PDF

RugGear RG760 Ruggedized SOS Push-To-Talk smartphone
RugGear RG760


RugGear RG850 (smartphone)

Rugged smartphone for enterprise.
RG850 is with its elegant and slim profile, still practical, resistant against falls, water and dust.
For professional businessmen, plumbers, carpenters, construction builders and who might face challenges in their daily work

RG850 – specifications and photos


RugGear RG850 – PDF

RugGear RG850 Ruggedized Enterprise Smartphone
RugGear RG850

RugGear RG650 (smartphone)

Live your life rugged – 24/7
Featuring an 18:9 immersive “Edge-to-edge” display, RG650 is the phone to support you in demanding work and leisure. Excellent outdoor readability of over 500 nits – extra loud audio (approx 95dB), and resistance to elements and extremes like 1.5m drops and water submersion (IP68), all these features combine together to deliver an incredibly dependable and stylish experience to your outdoor adventures.

RG650 – specifications and photos


RugGear RG650 – PDF

RugGear RG650 Ruggedized Smartphone
RugGear RG650



“East meets West”.

The headquarter of RugGear is in Hong Kong and the design from in-house engineering, manufacturing, sales, distribution and support is in Germany.

No matter what kind of needs you might have, Professional or personal, RugGear will be able to support you with devices that has the highest-quality material, latest innovation and technology with the rugged standard. IP68 certified and passes MIL-STD-810G tests.

Every day, RugGear continue to focus on superior products with multitude of patents that direct and influence the rugged space. RugGear makes it easy to communicate anywhere and anytime, even in the harshest conditions.