Resistance in harsh environments. Our rugged devices are drop resistant for 1.5m falls. Water and dust resistance. Long lasting battery.

¤ RG655 (smartphone)

Sleek and Slender yet rugged to the core
Engineered with German precision, RG655 can withstand a variety of extremes including relentless pounding, pressure and elements. No matter in the worksite or in search of adventure, this MIL-STD-810G device is proved to be a robust and reliable mobile solution, featuring a fast CPU (Helio P22), 13+8MP cameras, outdoor readable display, VoLTE, powerful speaker (95dB) and the latest Android 9 Pie OS.

RG655 – specifications and photos


¤ RG150 (bar type phone)

Talk anywhere you want, 24/7
Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or remote site worker, RG150 will accompany you and get you connected anywhere and anytime. Built to be rugged companion, RG150 features the IP68 certified water and dust resistance and drop beyond MIL-STD-810G. With its durability and large capacity battery, RG150 is designed to be a reliable companion for those who work and live in harsh environments or remote places.

RG150 – specifications and photos


¤ RG725

Resilient. Reliable. Robust.
Rugged beyond military standards. Push-to-Talk optimised. Super clear audio. Extra bright torch. Long lasting battery. Award winning design. Meet the RugGear RG725.

RG725 – specifications and photos


¤ RG910 (tablet)

Reliable performance and adaptability to withstand the elements
Experience superior rugged technology and stay connected for longer with the RG910. The PTT (Push-to-talk) tablet masters any work challenge, even heavy-duty industries. It fuses high endurance with unparalleled adaptability to safeguard against extreme weather conditions and multiple shocks. And with powerful Android 8 (Oreo), your workers can stay up-to-date, fast.

RG910 – specifications and photos


¤ RG760

Tough, PTT-optimised and ready to communicate anywhere
Introducing the RG760, the world’s first PTT (Push-to-talk) solution featuring private and public LTE for high-speed wireless communication, even in the most remote areas. Choose from 2 versions including Private LTE Band 31. Built to IP68 standards, it safeguards against harsh conditions so your workers can make unrestricted calls wherever they are.

RG760 – specifications and photos


¤ RG850 (smartphone)

Smart, immersive technology for every situation
Meet the RG850, the world’s first rugged 18:9 Android Oreo phone. Practical and slim in profile, it features an “Edge-to-Edge” screen for you to enjoy the ultimate immersive experience. The RG850 is elegant and resistant against falls, dust and water, so you can face the day wherever you are.

RG850 – specifications and photos


¤ RG650 (smartphone)

Live your life rugged – 24/7
Featuring an 18:9 immersive “Edge-to-edge” display, RG650 is the phone to support you in demanding work and leisure. Excellent outdoor readability of over 500 nits – extra loud audio (approx 95dB), and resistance to elements and extremes like 1.5m drops and water submersion (IP68), all these features combine together to deliver an incredibly dependable and stylish experience to your outdoor adventures.

RG650 – specifications and photos