Kelvin K2 - Smart Wine Monitor

Get the most of your wine. The Kelvin K2 wine monitor helps you achieve the perfect wine temperature to ensure an optimal wine experience.

Unlock the full flavour.
Suitable for all wine types.


Why Kelvin K2:


• Acts as your personal Sommelier.
Never drink wine at the wrong temperature again.


• Ideal for all wines.
Free app contains knowledge of over 200 wine types and styles.


• Conveniently wireless.
Easy to use, Kelvin K2 will connect automatically with your mobile phone.

Kelvin K2 – Smart Wine Monitor


There’s nothing quite like a good glass of wine with a delicious dinner. But do you know at which temperature to serve your favourite wine? Most people don’t. White wine is often served too cold and red too warm, which affects the taste and aroma.


With the Kelvin K2 smart wine monitor it’s easy to achieve the perfect temperature and ultimately the perfect wine experience – whether you’re serving red, white or rosé. Simply strap it around the bottle, and the monitor sends temperature information to your smartphone. Our free app then lets you know when your wine is ready to serve.


Here’s to unlocking full flavour sensations!


Kelvin K2 -Datasheet